Æ, ø, åhhhh...

onsdag D. 31. oktober 2018, kl. 09.39
Det er svært at lære dansk, når man kommer fra Brasilien, Østrig, Italien, Alaska eller Colombia. Dét ved gymnasiets fem udvekslingselever, der lige nu kæmper med de danske vokaler og bløde d'er.

Inden de landede i Danmark, havde de kun hørt lidt om landet. Noget om LEGO og noget om, at danskerne er verdens lykkeligste folk. Måske på grund af alle festerne lyder det grinende fra de fem udvekslingselever. De går i forskellige klasser på Mariagerfjord Gymnasium, men mødes et par gange om ugen for at lære dansk og tale om de (mærkelige?) danske skikke, de er stødt på.

Mens Lea rejser hjem i januar 2019, skal Isadora, Veronica, Carolina og Matteo bo i Danmark hele skoleåret - langt væk hjemmefra. Dét er en kæmpe oplevelse, fortæller de her, hvor de også præsenterer sig selv.


Isadora Vernaglia Rossi

Isadora er 16 år og kommer fra Sorocaba i São Paulo, Brasilien. I Danmark bor hun hos en værtsfamilie i Hobro, og på gymnasiet går hun i gf3 – snart 1.yz.

About me: My favorite sport is diving. I love biology, and I have a little brother called Fernando.

Living in Denmark: An amazing experience! Biggest difference? It is very easy to travel around the country because there is a good train service and it is a small country.

Danish language: Hard but I am doing my best to learn the language.

Lea Binder

Lea Binder

Lea er 16 år og kommer fra Østrig. Hun skal være udvekslingsstudent på gymnasiet indtil januar 2019, og hun går i gf6 – snart 1.abc.

About me: My hobbies are playing floorball, listening to music, reading, watching YouTube videos and Netflix.

Living in Denmark: It is really different from Austria. The teachers are nicer and the classes longer. The weather on the other side is quite similar. But school in Denmark is way better than in Austria. Biggest difference? The school and having little host siblings.

Danish language: Danish is really hard to learn but also really fun.


Veronica Gibson

Veronica er 16 år, og hun kommer fra Sitka i Alaska, USA. I Danmark bor hun hos en værtsfamilie i Hadsund, og på Mariagerfjord Gymnasium går hun i gf5 – snart 1.lmx.

About me: I like to have fun and do adventuring things like biking, swimming, hiking and shopping. If you ask me to do something I will be sure to say YES!

Living in Denmark: Living here has been so fun already. Everyone here is so nice and I have made lots of good friends. The weather is very much the same as in Alaska so that isn’t so much different. But since I live in an island I don’t do much driving in a car. Here you are in a car a lot of the time, which is very different. I get carsick easily so that isn’t the most fun part of staying here for sure.

Danish language: The language is a lot harder than I expected because of pronunciations but I am really enjoying talking with my friends here and throwing in some Danish words every once in a while. It may not be coming as quick as I’d like it to but it is getting there slowly but surely.


Carolina Londono

Carolina er 17 år og kommer fra Cali i Colombia. I Danmark bor hun hos en værtsfamilie i Valsgård og går i 2.xz på gymnasiet.

About me: My interests are photography and football - I started to play four years ago. And I love listening to music.

Living in Denmark: My life in Denmark is amazing. I think it is a beautiful country - but a little cold - with friendly persons. The biggest impression I have of Denmark is that the people are always on time. Another fact is that Danes use their flag a lot.

Danish language: The Danish language is a little difficult because the words are not pronounced in the same way they are written.


Matteo Cammarata

Matteo er 17 år og kommer fra Rom i Italien. I Danmark bor han hos en værtsfamilie i Hobro og går i 2.xz på Mariagerfjord Gymnasium.

About me: My main interests are soccer, which I’ve been playing for 8 years, informatics (I’m nerd) and I play guitar even though I’m not good at it.

Living in Denmark: I’m from Rome, which is very hot compared to Denmark. All the rain and low temperature were unknown for me but I’ve already got used to it. What surprised me more when I first came here is the civic sense and the kindness of people… Especially the first one is not so common where I live.

Danish language: Danish is difficult - and who says the contrary is wrong - but it’s not impossible to learn. The most difficult part is the pronunciations which is completely different from my native language (but also from English), and I hate Æ, Ø and Å. Nonetheless the grammar is quite simple in fact I’m better at writing than speaking.