"Be brave"

mandag D. 18. maj 2015, kl. 09.57
Hvordan er det at være udvekslingsstudent i Danmark? Dét fortæller mexicanske Francisco her.

I don't know how to explain it but just imagine, you travel alone to a country where you don't know anybody at all, for a year, of course with the support of your parents, but you're still by yourself.

You know you will see and live a new culture, taste new food, learn another lenguage.

You have the chance to live with a family or families. This may be hard or really sweet but you have to risk your luck, some are really lucky, i was too, i had really good families but you have to be brave.

I'm from Mexico my culture is way to relaxed compared to danish but danes have a lot of good things to offer, they are really honest and thats something hard to find in mexico, also if you get closer to danes and you make them to trust you it'll be really good you.

I started trying to be friend with everyone, i have a lot of good friends in mexico and i just wanted the same but its hard at the beginning so i gave up to fast, i didn't get closer to danish people so thats why i couldn't learn the leanguage or i wasn't exited to learn it, i think.

I could learn a lot of the culture because of my families, they show me a lot of stuff and i could build my own idea of Denmark.

I start going out with the other exhange students and that was amazing, people thats is living the same situation and can understand you, so i have a lot of crazy histories about my adventures with my friends, all around Denmark.

But being an exchange student means that you will grow up, fast, in any way, you can't hold it.

It means you will fall in love of the people you don't know, of the food you hated, of the buildings, the streets, the nature, the smell, maybe a special person. So thats is why you have to be brave, because sooner or later you have to say good bye, everything you did and built in a year, you have to say "farvel".

So for the ones who are reading this i want to share the most important thing i learned in this year

You can do whatever you want to have to keep control.

Never say no, no matter what, because new is always better and better is how you want to be.

The days goes slowly but the years goes flying, so make it worth it.

Denmark jeg elsker dig, farvel.

Francisco Jaimes Pantoja